Wednesday, 8 June 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 NO KING, Where Women Rule, New Promo Video

We have Seen the Splitsvilla 9 First Promo when Sunny Leone Appeared in Princess avatar and Rannvijay Sinha as warrior avatar. "Where Women Rule" is the Theme of the Season 9 and that is why Boys Fights for the Girls to make them winner. Later Girls' mind changes and it creates the Trouble in Friendship and love.

s9 princess
Splitsvilla 9 Girl-Princess
After the Splitsvilla 9 Auditions 6 Girls and 15 boys all set to test their destiny in MTV Splitsvilla 9. One Battle where Love, Friendship and betrayal will change the Decisions. Villa where Love is not that Easy. One day when Girl will get the Throne and There will be No King.

Six princesses and 15 boys battle through love, friendship and betrayal this season to be the ultimate winner at Splitsvilla! Its gonna be Epic Reality show with new Game rules. There will be No King in the Season. Only Women Ruling the Game show.

Till Season 1 to 8 we have seen it was the Splitsvilla King and Splitsvilla Queen in every season and now Season 9 changed totally. 6 Participated Women Rule the Reality show and get the Throne as Princes. Only one Going to be the Winner of the show.

Rannvijay-Sunny all set to Host the Season Again. Tune in at 7 PM on Saturday June 11th to watch Splitsvilla in whole new avatar. #Splitsvilla9



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