Friday, 22 July 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 23rd July 2016, Wild Card Princesses, Elimination, Hunt for 2nd Queen

In Last Episode of Rannvijay and Sunny's Love based show MTV Splitsvilla 9 we have seen the two Task among the Girls to get the Queen's Throne and later Martina Again got the Seat of Throne and it was interesting game of Egg Smash among the boys and Girls. Isha and Kavya were the Safe in Dumping Ground and now Again it's time for the elimination. Watch MTV Splitsvilla 9 9th Episode Video Written Updates.


Two Wild Card Girls Princesses Enters into the Villa and one of them is Mia Lakra who was the Strongest contestant of MTV Splitsvilla Season 8. She again all set to get the Queen's Throne by showcasing her Power of Reality show Game Playing. It's Time for the MTV Splitsvilla 9 2nd Queen Hunt.

Watch the Video Snippet when Existing Queen Martina and Other Princesses had warm conversation and also entry of the new Wild Card entry Contestants Watch Video Snippet of MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 9 of 23rd July 2016.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 9, 23rd July 2016 (Video Written Updates)

  • Martina decides to have some fun with the girls on their pool date! :O :P
  • The princesses dance to Martina’s tunes!
  • Rajnandini starts a cat fight with Kavya!
  • Martina slams Rajnandini as a worst dressed princess! :O
  • Martina dumped Mayuri! She dumped ‘Body Shaming’!
  • Myuri Das Eliminated from the Splitsvilla 9. She has power to announce 2nd Queen.
  • Mayuri to Crown the 2nd Queen
  • Rajnandini is the 2nd Queen! :D :O
Rajnandini is the new Queen of Splitsvilla 9.
  • It was ‘Hasi Toh Phasi’ task
  • Boys Tries to makes the Girls Laugh
  • Martina, Shreeradhe won a golden bracelet! :D

Watch MTV Splitsvilla 9 of 23rd July 2016, Full Episode on Voot Official Video Streaming Website.



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