Friday, 15 July 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8, New Queen, 2nd Queen Task 16th July 2016

MTV Aired Love based television reality show MTV Splitsvilla 9 reached to the next level of excitement as one side Boys and Girls Started Breaking their existing connection and making new connection in villa and on the other side Princesses wants to get the Queen Throne in Place of First Queen Martina. Here is the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8 of 16th July 2016 Video Written updates in hunt for next Queen of villa.

new queen task
Task to get Queen Throne - Second new Queen will be revealed

Who will be the Second Queen of MTV Splitsvilla 9 is the Question and will be revealed after the Results of Task, after the completion of Task. Queen Martina herself performed task with girls with golden bracelets.

It was also the Connection trouble between Mayuri Das and Karan Khanna. Splitsvilla 9 Boys and Girls trying their best to make the strongest love connection and to win the Love Based Game.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 8 (16th July 2016) Video Written Updates

  • Shreeradhe, Isha and Kavya has Golden Bracelet
  • Shreeradhe give up her Bracelet as per majority of the Wishes by Boys
  • One of the Isha and Kavya has to perform against Queen to get the Queen Throne
  • Boys selected Isha to perform with Queen Martina
  • It was Gadhe or Ghode Task between Isha and Martina (Task to get Queen's Power seat, Winner will be new Queen)
  • Martina won task and get back the Queen's Throne
  • It was Interesting 'Smash Egg' Task (lot of CAT fight in between)
  • Later it was task with Queen Martina and Princesses
  • Boys have to select the Honest Girl during the task
  • One who gets maximum votes from boys gonna be saved and other princesses will be into Dumping zone
  • Isha and Kavya are safe!

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