Sunday, 3 July 2016

Watch Online 3rd July 2016, MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 6 Updates

There was the Second Dumping Ground of MTV Splitsvilla Season 9 in last Episode 5 where two boys contestants Harshit and Milind Evicted from show as they failed to create strong connection as per the Show Queen Martina and now it's time for the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 6 of 3rd July 2016 Video Written Updates.

Splitsvilla 9 Wild Card Princess Contestant
In MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 6 of 3rd July 2016 it was the Solid Rip the T-Shirt Apart task where Girls have to Unlock the number from each other's T-Shirts and they performed super Stronger to remain Safe from Elimination. Niharika and Rajnandini were the Unsafe Contestants of villa. It was also a Wild Card entry of new Princess in MTV Splitsvilla 9.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 6 of 3rd July Video Written Updates -

  • It was the Voting from the Boys to Save the One Girl from Unsafe Zone
  • Neeharika and Rajnandini has the Task to Perform the Task (CAT Fights)
  • It was the Rip the T-Shirt Task between two, Who lost the task gonna go home
  • Niharika won the First Round
  • Rajnandini won the second Round
  • Rajnandini Won the Third round
  • Niharika Eliminated from Splitsvilla 9
  • It was Next Wild CAT Fight between Mayuri and Isha. Isha used Racist comment for Mayuri turned to Words war Fight
  • Shreeradhe Khanduja gets wild card Entry into Splitsvilla 9
  • All the boys tried their best to impress the new princess
  • It was couple dance between Shreeradhe and Varoon sood in Pool
  • It was question on Varoon and Martina's Connection in villa :P
  • All the Boys and Girls entered to Dumping Ground
  • Rannvijay revealed about new girl Sreeradhe to Martina
  • Hot and Sexy Sreeradhe gets entry to Dumping Ground
  • Sree tells Rannvijay that she going to make connection with Varun
  • Queen Martina has the Power to Dump 1 boy
  • 3 Boys have to be in Dumping zone selecion by Sreeradhe and one going to dumped
  • Shreeradhe selected Anuranjan, Akhil and Abhishek for Dumping Zone (Other are safe)
  • Martina have to eliminate the one from 3 Unsafe.
  • Book of Fortune Opened
  • After Dumping again Book of Fortune to be Opened for next Plan
  • Anuranjan Eliminated by Martina.
  • Book of fortune opened again.
  • New Princess Shree Radhe has Power. She can bring the one of the Eliminated boy back into villa
Watch Video Glimpse of MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 6 which shows the Highlights of full Episode. You can Watch Online MTV Splitsvilla 9 Full Episode 6 of 3rd July 2016 on Official Voot Site.



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