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MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 details - 13th August 2016 Dumping Ground

In very last Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 we have seen the Epic battle among the Princesses of Splitsvilla 9 to get the Queen's Throne. After the Battle Kavya Khurana managed to secure her Position as 3rd Queen of MTV Splitsvilla 9 and now it's time for the one more Dumping Ground elimination when Present Queen Kavya and Rajnandini have to eliminate 1-1 boys. Have a look at Latest MTV Splitsvilla 9 13th August 2016 News and Updates details.


The boys have a tough task this week and one special connection is at risk! Also it was an Entertainer cum Thrilling task when boys spotted performing onto the Street. Kavya Khurana had tough time to eliminate the one from Queen's Throne and on the other side everyone trying to save their connection.

It's the Buzz that Varun Sood dumped out and eliminated by Kavya Khurana. But it might get the Twist of Book of Fortune. What Happened in Dumping ground of 13th August in really interesting to see. 

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 Details (13th August 2016 Dumping Ground Elimination)

  • Boys have to Sell out the Broken things (Tough Job)
  • Archie and Karan Khanna collected more Points and won Bech De Task
  • Archie and Karan Khanna are Safe
  • Varun Sood, Karan Chabra, Zain Abideen and Ayaan was Unsafe
  • It was Dumping Ground, Martina requested Evil queen Raj to save Varun.
  • Queen Kavya dumped Karan Chabdra
  • Rajnandini dislikes as she dumped Karan and broke connection with Shreeradhe
  • Evil Queen Raj takes revenge to Kavya and Dumped Varun Sood
  • Shreeradhe was crying and don't want to stay in villa without Karan
  • Two Brothes Zain Abideen and Ayaan are Safe
  • Gurmeet was crying as he lost his Strong friend Varun Sood
  • Book of Fortune Again Opened by Sunny Leone
  • As per the Book both the Queen can Overrule their Decision or Leave the Throne to Save the one of the Eliminated
  • Kavya Given up Throne for her Friend Martina Which touched Heart of Gurmeet (Kavya's Connection)
  • Now Varun Sood is Back in Villa.
  • Rajnandini also Decided to leave her throne to save Karan Chaabra (Shree's Connection)
  • Both the Queens are Down to the Ground
  • Later Book of Fortune Again Opened (As per the Early Rule)
  • As per the Book Both the Queens Rajnandnini and Kavya Khurana got her Throne Back.
  • Congratulations to Both Kavya and Raj for getting their Power Back.
  • Today Splitsvilla 9 Contestant shown True Friendship Power

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