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MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 14 - 27th August 2016 Updates, See Who is Eliminated

It's Dumping Ground time after the Tasks among the Contestants boys and Girls. We have seen the Two different tasks into the last episode and as a task results some of the contestants going directly into the Dumping Ground. Princess Priya HariDas has been selected as weak contestant by boys voting and going to the Dumping Ground. See the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 14 of 27th August with Video Written Updates.

dumping ground villa

On the other side Nikhil (Nick) was not there to perform in the last episode and he marked as the unsafe. So Tonight is the dumping ground night on 27th august 2016 when some of the contestants going to leave the show and there will be the Surprises from the Book of Fortune and fights among the contestants as always.

Kavya Khurana and Rajnandini are the Present Queens of Splitsvilla Season 9

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 14 (27th August 2016) Video Written Updates

  • Varun and Martina meet Rajnandini first! :O
  • #Revenge Rajnandini finds a way to humiliate Martina by making her dance! :O
  • Varun requests Rajnandini to not dump him and Martina!
  • The princesses join Queen Kavya for a date ;)
  • Queen Kavya asks the girls to give each other lap dances! :O
  • The boys get into a scuffle! :O
  • Who will the two Queens dump tonight? Any guesses?
  • Who will the Book of Fortune save?
  • Priya gets dumped for not making an effort with Rajnandini!
  • Sunny reminds the Splitsvillans that they can't just leave when they want to.
  • Karan Chabbra and Sree share an emotional moment :(
  • Karan Chabbra professes his love for Sree! <3 :(
  • Zain sacrifices himself to save Ayaan and Priya's connection
  • Karan Chabbra and Shree share a tearful goodbye! :'(
karan priya
Karan Chabra and Priya Haridas Evicted

Eliminations: Karan Chabra and Priya Haridas Eliminated from Splitsvilla 9

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