Friday, 23 September 2016

MTV Splitsvilla 9 24th September 2016, Elimination in Last Dumping Ground

It was the task among the Girls and Boys Contestants. Girls tired their best to remain safe from the next Dumping Ground. Mia Lakra and Nikhil managed to win the task and they are now safe from the dumping Ground. It's time to select the next Queen after the Last Dumping Ground Elimination on 24th September 2016 Episode. Here is the Video Written Updates.

unsafe contestants

Karan Khanna, ShreeRadhe, Gurmeet, Varun Sood, Martina stands out in the dumping ground. It's trouble on the Queens as there will be no longer any connection for them. Yeah, Raj doesn't have any connection and She targeted Kavya's connection Gurmeet. Now Rannvijay adds some twist by Welcoming all the X Splitsvillians.

Rajnandini and Kavya Khurana are the Finalists Contestants. Rajnandini's only connection Archie evicted as Kavya eliminated him in second last dumping ground. Now Raj targets Kavya's Connection Gurmeet. Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone welcomes the X Splitsvillians again to add some Twists.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 24th September 2016 (Elimination, Last Dumping Ground News, Finalists)

  • The Book of Fortune has spoken and it doesn't have any good news! :(
  • Queens have to dump one Pair and 1-1 each
  • Ran-Kavya Jointly dumped Isha and Abhishek 
  • Rajnandini takes revenge and dumped Gurmeet (Kavya's Connection)
  • Kavya Khurana dumped Karan
  • Later Book of Fortune Opened and Everything Changed.
  • Book of Fortune Re-united Love.
  • Gurmeet has been saved by Book of Fortune and Raj gets Archie back in villa.
  • Both the Queens get their happy ending.
  • Karan was alone dumped but again joined by x-Splitsvillans
  • The rest of the Splitsvillans make their grand entry!
It will be Interesting to See who becomes the next Queen of Villa and joins the Kavya and Rajnandini in Finale. Stay Tuned to this Site to catch Latest MTV Splitsvilla 9 Video Written Updates and news.

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